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Our Services

A.M. Computers provides distinct services related to computer and technology field including internet services and hardware and software services. Below are some of them which are under our expertise:

Software Installation

Software installation is process in which we install latest version of operating system into your hardware console. It is also referred as installing a software and running it on the computer by making certain changes which includes installing plugins and drivers to make that particular software run easily on your computer or laptop. A.M. Computers houses the top class trained engineers who will certainly help you in many ways including making changes to your hardware for for making it compatible for a specific software. Following are some aspects that are covered under software installation:
  • Diagnose the system to meet the requirments for running the software
  • Make proper registrations before installing software that are necessary to install software
  • Making sure the software don’t conflict with other software on the system
  • Update programs to run them perfectly
  • Installing operating system including Widows and Mac

Hardware Repair

We provide hardware repair services for many computers and laptop brands including dell, acer, hp, etc. In hardware repair we fix compatibility issues for mouse, keyboard, ram, wifi routers, etc. Then we also repair any internal issue that causes system failure of your PC & Laptop. Our hardware engineers are highly trained and skilled professionals who can diagnose and fix any type of hardware problem in your device. Our hardware repair services are not going to brick your warranty of the product as we are certified repair center in Amritsar. We also repair the other accessories related to computers including printers, fax machines, mobile devices, music systems etc.

Network Installation

Networking can help you access a computer remotely through wires or wireless medium. One can manage a number of computers under one single main computer with the help of networking. We are the best network installation service provider in Amritsar with our best cable and wiring designing and installation services. We have various designs for small and larger business for installing a networking system through cables which is called as Local Area Network. We also provide wireless networking services with proper

installation. Our Network Installation engineers have experience of working for over 5 years and we have helped many small businesses to get world class quality networking services from us.

Sale Purchase of Laptop & Desktops

We are dealing in selling and purchasing of computers and laptops of many brands that are available in the market. We have been chosen by many individuals in Amritsar for their first PC purchase as we are a reliable hub of selling and purchasing Laptops and Desktops. There are many brands to choose from, in which Dell, Acer, Hp and Apple are the most prominent ones. There are a lot of other products like printers and external hard drives that you can buy from us. We have accessories compatible with various models of distinct brand computers. You can get you hands on a cheap cost computer and laptop in Amritsar at A.M. Computers.